Welcome to the New You


An introduction to the weight loss and hypnosis program.

Outline of the 10 weeks

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis and Positive Change

The following is a simple step-by-step formula for empowering yourself to lose weight and to improve your body image. All it takes is three simple steps over the course of 10 weeks and you will made lasting improvements to your health and wellness. This program enables you to positively change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to eating and encourages motivation to control negative habits. 

Step One - Commitment to Weight Loss Statement

Read this out loud

I, ___________, am absolutely committed to my weight loss. I vow to complete every step, as outlined, and will rejoice in my improvements whether large or small. Each day I remind myself of the body I want to have and the steps I am already taking to get there. 

Step Two - Positive Change Check List

Change only onething every week starting on Mondays. Maintain each week’s change.

The Positive Change Check List (check when you have completed one week of each).

___Week 1 - Drink 3 (12-16oz) bottles of water per day 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 2 – Reduce eating sweets and drinking sodas by at least 50% 

- Begin this week of _____

 ___Week 3 – Eat every 3 hours while awake (remember to stay under your calorie goal) 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 4 – Ensure you get at least 7 hours of sleep (mentally set your clock) 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 5 – Totally eliminate refined sugars, sweets, and sodas from your diet 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 6 – Reduce usage of alcohol, nicotine, and electronics by 50 % 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 7 – Engage in a daily self-care activity (reading, massage, meditation, etc.)  

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 8 – Thank or compliment someone 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 9 - Ask someone for help with something 

- Begin this week of _____

___Week 10 – Restate and affirm your current life goals 

- Begin this week of _____

Step Three - To-Do List

Complete Daily To-Do List (Do these activities every day)

 -Reaffirm my Commitment to Weight Loss Statement (Step 1).

-Complete my item on the Positive Change check list (Step 2).

-Tell at least one person about your weight loss accomplishment(s).

-Listen to Weight Loss Hypnosis Recording (specific to the week you are on).  

-Perform 100 kettlebell swings (you can use a dumbbell or a band – see video).

-Perform 100 body weight squats (see video).

-Perform 10,000 steps 

Circle the day when you complete all activities (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun).

Complete Weekly To-Do List (Do these activities every week)

-Write down the reasons for wanting to change my weight.

-Write down changes that you observe in yourself.

-My Daily Calorie Goal__________.

 -My current weight_________, the weight I want to be _________.

My Reason for Weight Loss Questions

1) Why do I want to lose weight?

2) Why have I been unable to lose weight in the past?

3) What does food mean to me?

4) What are my concerns about losing weight?

5) What will my body look like when I am the weight I desire to be?

6) What am I stressed about right now?

7) Other than eating, what positive things can I do when I’m feeling bad or stressed?

Determining Caloric Goals 

 There are a number of apps and online calculators to calculate your BMR and to identify the number of calories you need to lose 1-2lbs per week. Consult your physician if you want to safely lose more than 1-2lbs per week. Also, look at the amount of proteins vs. carbs vs. fats you are consuming. A good rule of thumb is to decrease carbs and increase proteins.